Our school

Rezekne Vocational School is an institution where young people study and obtain secondary vocational education. It was established in 2011 by joining together six secondary vocational schools of Latgale region with long-lasting teaching history (the oldest one was established more than 80 years ago). Initially, the school was called Eastern Latgale Professional Secondary School and gained its current name in 2014.

The school has long-lasting experience in VET program development and implementation. Every year, it has more than 900 full-time students in various education programs, such as Programming, Computer Systems, Mechatronics, Food Production, Food Processing Technology, Construction, Catering Service, Hospitality Service, Electrical Engineering, Carpentry, Business Studies, etc.

Currently, the school offers the following professional qualifications:

Typically, our students are 14-25 years old.

One of our main goals is to provide students with modern learning environment, as well as wide opportunities for personal development and career building. We participate in various projects as a sending and hosting organisation on a regular basis to support the internationalisation and intercultural competences of our students and staff.

Students can stay in a renovated, well-equipped dormitory near the school. The school has well-established cooperation with various enterprises to ensure the placement of students and provide them with practical hands-on experience.